Panthera and Mukke live the musical symbioses. The combination of her feeling for delicacy, her impressive voice, the feeling for melody and emotionality of Mukke, peaks inside of every single one of their productions. 
The quality to live free of predetermined pathways in life, to deliver whatever the emotions lead them to, sets them apart and represents whats going on inside of us humans at our current times: significance, personality and mindfulness. Every production stands for itself, whilst also creating a story that leaps forward with every release, a pathway that leads through time.
Unknowingly living a similiar path growing up, they met each other in 2019 and formed a relation that bonds itself together through all the musical pathways that are entered.
Living the life of creation, their music never fails to deliver emotionality, uniqueness and originality and is a true representation of their generations drive to personal fulfilment.