Elisa Obasohan is a vocal artist and singer-/songwriter based in germany. She inspires and uplifts with her feel for emotions, whilst utilizing her creative passion into something tangible. Something that we can feel is real. 
Living the german electronic music scene, she composes music in collaboration with Mukke/Lovis Voß

“If there is a positive energy, some emotions or thoughts to be sparked inside of those that hear my work, I’m fulfilled.”
Being the only one with musical enthusiasm in her own family, she sought-out a home and inspiration inside of the musical world of grates like Nina Simone and Alicia Keys, falling for the warm soul tones that are still carried through many of her projects. 
Her powerful voice never fails to captivate people with the emotions she seems to breathe out with her voice like it would be nothing. The soft highs and the impactful mids enchant all her involvements with a tone that reaches across genres. 

A gentle soul, that spits emotions like a Dragon. 
A calm mind, that lashes out whenever there’s the need for it:
In 2019, she started to collab with Lovis Voß/Mukke, a music enthusiast, producer and player, to implement the natural feeling of her voice into fully fledged bangers. An interest that bonded together. 
Started with first recordings, first tracks and getting herself accustomed with the new work environment, they soon felt that there’s fire to be created. In company of the Mercury Creative Collective, they quickly forwarded their ambitions to work with other artists, which ultimately lead to the involvement on the TEMPORARY PLAY, an album by Ayon Mukherji and Marcel Saatkamp. This left her with immense inspiration for future collaborations, with artists, coming from all kinds of genres and backgrounds. 
Right now she is steadily evolving the craft she is living, sharing the emotions of life and capturing them through her work. The recording process for the debut release Milk and Sugar was raw, direct and impactful, a true representation of the sound that will be coming in the future.