Lovis Voß, born 1997 in Germany, is a music producer, instrumentalist and photography/graphic designer, a creative located in the Ruhr-area, living for the creative process, providing a creative hub, the MukkeBude, and breathing emotions for FLY Media, the roof of his publications and creative works. 

At the moment he is publishing under the name of Mukke, producing for Panthera and Casseuse, doing co production efforts for Ayon Mukherji and Marcel Saatkamp, jamming with the Mercury Creative Collective, releasing experiments as Lovos and coming: orchestral productions as MelodieTERROR. ​​​​​​​
Grown up in the uprising digital era of music and with passion to make music, he took violin lessons since the age of four, until he was 14 years old and played for ten years in various orchestras of the local music school.
With 14 years of experience in playing music, he discovered the possibilities of digital music creation via his companion Joshua Schwarz, son of Ingo Vogelmann, and began to discover the liberty of style that digital software has to offer (Lovos). 
At that time he also began to experiment with image modification, photography, graphics and the arrangements, the instrumentality of songs with compositions that will be recorded and coming under the name of MelodieTERROR. Three years ahead he went on to open up and manifest what manifested itself into himself: Mukke.
Started all by the ambition to bring own and unique sound experiences to life and to live for the evolvement, the flow of creativity, he kept on to develop the world that’s playing along to every little emotion in his head. 

Leading up today he is constantly jamming, recording and reiterating hand in hand with all the beautiful people he was able to meet so far, what the product of himself is, what he is: Mukke